Fastlane had several surprises throughout the night. One of these came in the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship match. Asuka was set to defend her Championship against Mandy Rose with Sonya Deville at ringside.

Going into the match, one of the main thoughts on the minds of the WWE Universe was the injury Asuka suffered at a live event. Rose did go on to say that Asuka was fine, as did the Champion herself, but fans were still worried.

Despite all of that, the match went ahead as planned. The ending, however, didn’t go the way Rose would have liked it. Towards the end of the match, Deville went searching under the ring for a weapon. As Rose ran off the ropes, she tripped over the apron that covers what is under the ring. Asuka took advantage to hit her finisher and pin the challenger to retain.

Asuka delivers a passionate message in Japanese: WWE Exclusive, March 10, 2019

Deville attempted to apologize to Rose after the match. Rose didn’t seem happy. This is where the story ended on television, as WWE moved on to the next segment. However, the story in full did not end here.

Backstage, Cathy Kelley wanted to speak with the two members of Fire & Desire. Rose simply shrugged her off and brushed her way past the interviewer. Deville, on the other hand, was stopped and asked by Kelley what happened out there.

Listen to what Deville had to say in the very short video below:

Deville says she made a "mistake" in the SmackDown Women's Match: WWE Exclusive, March 10, 2019

Stay tuned to Wrestling Rumors as we do hear more on the aftermath of the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship match at Fastlane.

Editor’s Note:

I hope the team does not break up. I am a fan of Fire & Desire, and I think WWE needs all the female teams they can right now, as they hope to establish the division. I’m fine with seeing the tension as it is interesting from a storyline perspective. I just hope the end goal isn’t them going their separate ways.

Do you think they’ll remain a team? Could this mean a title shot for Deville?

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