WWE ‘Table for 3’ is an interesting show in that it seems to bring together best friends or people that are total opposites, usually linked together for a specific reason. The most recent episode, titled ‘Creative Committee’ featured Michael “PS” Hayes, Jim Cornette and Eric Bischoff and it was as incredible as you’d imagine it would be.

WWE recently released the latest episode of ‘Table for 3,’ where Cornette and Bischoff spoke about their ideal ‘WrestleMania 34’ main events and their thoughts on Vince Russo.

Cornette mentions that just before they started filming, he started to bond with Bischoff over their shared hatred of former WWE booker Vince Russo. It should also be noted that Russo contacted Vince McMahon earlier this week. No word yet on if anything will transpire from that.

“I just want to say for the record that we have bonded over something right before we sat down at the table. [Bischoff] hates Vince Russo almost as bad as I do, so this is historic.” Cornette noted, “the reason why we just have butterknives at the table is because they were afraid, but, actually, when I heard that [Bischoff] didn’t like the Archbishop of Talentbury also, I started to see [Bischoff] in a new light.”

Hayes made the point that the current generation of talent is the biggest and best the industry has ever had. Cornette and Bischoff agree with this. Cornette notes that his perception of what a wrestler is has changed drastically over the years.

“The concept has changed from the most important thing being presenting a believable simulated conflict that the people can buy as a fight to a performance of awe-inspiring, athletic moves. And I think the problem is they think they’re going to do the moves and that’s going to get them over and they’ve put the cart before the horse. Now, it’s hard for anybody to really work up a good dislike for a heel or hero-worship and idolatry for the babyface.”

Finally, each member of the table gave their own match for ‘WrestleMania 34’ and was as follows:

Cornette: Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar (Submission match)

“That’s what I want to see, the two baddest dudes in the locker room and one of them has to tap out. I’d like to see what would happen!”

Bischoff: Roman Reigns vs. AJ Styles

“I think by next year, Roman Reigns will find his inner heel. I think he’s dancing with it, nibbling around the edges of it. I think when he finally embraces it, he’s going to be a rockstar heel.”

Hayes: Roman Reigns vs. John Cena

“It’s somewhat of the Cena dynamic and what I mean by that is, especially at live events, the kids like him, the girls like him. You hear that high-pitched positive vibe. Then, you hear the negative vibe from the men, the deeper voices. But eventually when he hits his finish and he wins, everybody pops.” Hayes continued, “and we always thought we should’ve turned Cena, but this guy has gone longer than anybody. Think about that. Anybody with that much consistency, with that much longevity on top, and still works that hard and still loves this business.”

You can watch ‘Table for 3’ on the WWE Network at any time to see the other comments made about misconceptions between Bischoff and Cornette and how the territories played a part in what they did.

H/T to WrestlingInc for the quotes.

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Editor’s Note:

This was such an interesting episode. I think both Cornette and Bischoff held a bit back, maybe to keep it PG. There was also a weird transition when it seemed that things were getting a little heated. I guess it shouldn’t be too much to be concerned about.

What did you think of ‘Table for 3?’ Which feud would you like to see for ‘WrestleMania 34?’ Let us know in the comments below or over on our Facebook page or Twitter account. You can also find me at @SOSNH1995 on Twitter if you are interested.


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