We have seen a number of conflicting reports around the internet over a potential tag team focused Money in the Bank match. Here is what we know.

During Raw, in particular, promos featuring tag teams such as The Ascension and Breezango aired referencing a Money in the Bank match. However, this match wasn’t revealed on either main roster show.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider spoke about this on the PWInsider Elite Audio show, where he noted WWE appears to be building to such a match, before revealing during the closing of the show that two WWE sources indicated to him that there are no plans for such a match.

Here is what Johnson had to say on the potential Money in the Bank match:

“By what way, since we have been recording I’ve had two different people in the company text me back and they said that no one has said anything to them about Tag Team Money in the Bank matches.”

Despite what Johnson had to say, Bryan Alvarez revealed on Wrestling Observer Live that there is a plan to have such a match, but they didn’t reveal the news on that night as they originally planned.

He had the following to say:

“It appears there’s going to be a tag team Money In The Bank Ladder Match. The idea was that Kurt was going to come out at the beginning of the show and announce there was going to be a men’s Money In The Bank, a Women’s Money In The Bank, and a Tag Team Money In The Bank.”

“But then before the show started they figured they have 6 weeks until the pay-per-view so why announce everything now? They get the men’s they get the women’s they’ll do their matches tonight. We’ll announce the tag team Money In The Bank Ladder Match later.”

H/T to Ringside News for the quotes.

What we’ve gathered from these reports is that WWE likely intends to reveal the match within the coming weeks, but made the decision to do this at the last minute before Raw. This explains why some of the promos were awkwardly left in.

Would you like to see the match? Does it interest you?

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