Cody Rhodes spoke to FOX News about the state of professional wrestling referencing CM Punk’s ‘pipebomb’ as a reason, his ROH Championship victory and his father Dusty Rhodes.

We invite and strongly advice that you go back and take a look at the match we’ve linked down below. Undertaker, John Cena and DX team up on an episode of ‘Smackdown’ against Rhodes, Punk, Ted DiBiase and Randy Orton. It is the full match and is very entertaining!

Undertaker, John Cena & D-Generation X vs. CM Punk & Legacy: SmackDown, October 2, 2009

Rhodes first commented on how he felt capturing the ROH Championship:

“I think I felt like I’ll definitely be prepared for this moment, I wanted to be the World Champion since I was a little kid, and i was thrown and rattled by a series of events that night, I busted my lip wide open in the first three minutes of the match where it was legit just hanging open. We almost went off the air with a decisive conclusion, so here I am going on last, that’s what I always wanted, and i almost take them off the air without there being a winner. I spent my celebratory moments in the hospital where they stitched me up and, and it still hits me every day. Every time I see it and every time people ask at signings or meet and greets, people ask – it’s just a really special feeling and a cool responsibility.”

How it felt busting his lip during the match he won the title in:

“I didn’t know. I thought I had just bit my lip or something. I had Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks, he goes ‘Bro, you gotta go to the hospital.’ I said ‘I don’t gotta go to the hospital.’ My wife had a 5 A.M. flight the next morning – so what was meant to be this real celebratory evening kinda turned out to be just business as usual. Hospital trip, snuck back into the room while she was asleep I was like (whispering) ‘Hey, I’m world champion.'”

Rhodes then references the famous ‘pipebomb’ promo by Punk in reference to the state of wrestling right now:

“The business is just in this like, rapid – I envision it as being in this test tube and taking various shapes every hour and you can not predict it anymore. It’s because of guys – I often throw it back to the ‘Pipe Bomb’ promo of CM Punk, being this really defining moment for professional wrestling because it was the first time these streams really crossed. Some of the things he was talking about he had mentioned Ring Of Honor, and then I look at what The Young Bucks have done. They’re legitimately not needing WWE. Not being a fan of where they work as much as a fan of themselves as a talent and as a unit. That attitude is kind of caught like wildfire, it has made it the most fun time to be a pro wrestler and a wrestling fan because legitimately anything can happen. I am a free agent. I haven’t signed with Ring Of Honor but I damn sure like, love the Honor brand and I really treasure the responsibility of being its world champion.”

He would comment on the passing of his father and his thoughts on his presence:

“The coolest thing about Dusty, my father, is not that he was Dusty, it’s how he was as a father. He’s the type of guy who if you are homeless and came up to him on the street and told him ‘I want to be an astronaut,’ he’d say ‘Cool, we’re gonna get you in astronaut school then, that’ll work. How old are you?’ ‘I’m 47’ ‘Yeah, that’s fine you can be an astronaut.'”

“He just – me and my sister were talking about this, almost not logical in his goal setting. He’s ‘The American Dream’ it’s part of his name. Dream is just how he raised is so for me I was very positive it would be positive. I had no clue it would end up like this. I really didn’t, you couldn’t have seen any of this. When we were talking about doing Bound For Glory, ‘Okay, we’ll do Final Battle, and we’ll do Wrestle Kingdom too,’ and in the same year we had done WrestleMania. That’s my favorite statistic is to not rely on brands themselves but to just rely on me. I was positive it would be positive but I had not idea it would turn out like this.”

To end the interview, Rhodes talks about the Atlanta ROH show being on the same day as Mayweather vs. McGregor:

“Oh wow. Well, I think you’ll be able to catch both because if we know anything about professional boxing, they will go on deep into the evening. But I have always said this as growing up in the wrestling industry and it being part of my family, when people make that argument about mixed martial arts (MMA), professional boxing, professional sports vs. professional wrestling, I always tell them you can always bet on us because we aim to leave you better off than when we found you. There’s always – a show is never left with you lacking. We always want to fill you up and have you ready for the next one, whereas, on occasion, I don’t know if you – I’m a Mayweather fan but if you saw the last Mayweather fight or if you saw the Pacquiao fight at least, it’s like ‘We can wrap this up at any point guys.’ Not with Ring Of Honor, and that’s why I put my bet on them.”

Editor’s Note:

Like always, Rhodes is one of my favorite competitors to read interviews from. They are always so interesting with compelling stories and perspectives on the wrestling world.

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