WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Cesaro was a guest alongside his partner Sheamus on Edge & Christian’s Podcast of Awesomeness where he spoke about difficulties in WWE and how Sheamus has helped him.

Cesaro first explained how it feels to be paired with former WWE Champion Sheamus.

“It gave us a chance to show more personality and give both of us a chance to play off each other. While you’re out there by yourself, you don’t really have anybody to play off of, but if Sheamus is out there, I know that even if something gets messed up, or one of us gets lost, or I miss my cue, then, we can play it off no matter what.”

Cesaro explains that he isn’t complacent in his place with WWE.

“If you take a step back and look at it, I’m definitely happy to be there, but, then again, I’m not happy to be there. And I think that’s what helps about teaming with Sheamus, anytime one of us is down, do you know what I mean, goes through something, the other one is there and we can talk. It’s like good cop/bad cop. If Sheamus is down, I pick him up and if I’m down, he picks me up. And that I think is a good thing. Sometimes, when you’re by yourself, it’s really easy to dig yourself into a hole and be unhappy. But I know when it comes down to it, when I walk through the curtain, I’m out there with Sheamus and I know we’re going to have a blast no matter what. And I think that really helps.”

Working with Sheamus has reportedly helped him in more ways than one.

“I feel like the team has definitely helped me out a lot in terms of what we talked about earlier, confidence, and going out there and talking. And I feel like that’s just a thing like being in the ring. It just needs practice and for people to get accustomed to how you talk. And I have a different way of talking because of my accent and my cadence or whatever you want and for some people, ‘oh, it sounds weird – he can’t talk’. I always felt like I’m pretty eloquent at talking, but people are maybe not used to it. But, thanks to Sheamus, we go out there and we talk and we cut promos and everything and it’s just that comfort level of letting people in and letting them see more of who you are and I think that will definitely help, benefit, like, my body of work.”

The Revival vs. Sheamus & Cesaro: Raw, March 5, 2018

Cesaro believes that building a body of work for yourself takes time and can’t be done overnight.

“It always takes quite a while to break through. I mean, like, even if you look at [Edge and Christian] in [their] career, that didn’t happen overnight. That took years. Technically, I’ve been with the company almost six years and that’s not really long if you look at some of the past Superstars and how long it took them [to win the world title], so I always try to keep that in perspective as well.”

Sheamus commented on what he thinks of his partner in Cesaro.

“I think for Cesaro, everyone wants it and when it does happen, man, it’s going to mean so much more. We’ll tag team for as long as possible, but then we’ll get in the situation again of maybe we’ll go away for a bit, but we’ll always have this. There will be a time when we both go singles and Cesaro, like, I’ve said it many times in interviews. The fact that he hasn’t been world champion already is an absolute crime, but it’s going to happen. I know it will because there’s no one more determined than him, and when it does, it’s going to be an epic moment.”

With H/T to William Windsor of WrestlingInc for the transcription.

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