Raw‘ Superstar Sasha Banks recently sat down with talkSPORT to talk about her favorite moments in ‘Raw‘ history, Bayley and who she wants to see in the Women’s Royal Rumble match.

Banks first comments on wanting to feud with Bayley again on the main roster- explaining that in her heart she believes she is the greatest women’s wrestler in the world.

“Over the past year I’ve been told if I was going to be heel or face and we kept going back and fourth on it. But that rivalry with Bayley is something I’d love to pick right back up because she actually has my number, which pisses me off because in my heart I know I’m the greatest women’s wrestler ever. It’s about showing her and the world that I’m the best and it would be great to pick up that rivalry again with her. I’m in no rush; I plan to be with WWE for a very long time so we can tell that story anytime. Sasha Banks is all about being me and it’s not arrogance it’s confidence, I am the very best at what I do.”

Continuing, Banks comments on her favorite moments from ‘Raw’ over the past 25 years.

“There’s so many! I loved everything ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin did to Vince McMahon, everything ‘Stone Cold’ and Kurt Angle did, and The Dudley Boyz putting Mae Young through a table. I remember my Mum saying ‘Oh my god, they can’t be doing this!’ because we were watching it together and she was horrified! And I was like this is what I want to do with my left, but now she’s my biggest fan. There are so many memories and so many memories I got to create myself too, winning the Women’s Championship in LA was a huge highlight for me.”

Finally, Banks lists a few names she would like to see in the women’s Royal Rumble match.

“I would love to see Trish [Stratus] and Lita, of course. Beth Phoenix, Molly Holly, Jazz, Jacqueline. Just all the women I grew up watching – Medusa, that would be amazing. Even girls from NXT would be amazing too. But the potential to see who’s going to be in it is endless because we only have about thirty girls across the brands, so we do need those little extra for the Rumble. If I was the first entrant and I was waiting for opponent I would love to hear Trish Stratus’ music. Not only would I mark out as a fan, but also it would be something really cool. Her music is so iconic, she’s such a legend in this business that would be an amazing way to start off the Rumble.”

Below we have featured the first ever women’s Hell in a Cell match in full- featuring Charlotte Flair and Banks herself.

FULL MATCH — Banks vs. Flair - Raw Women's Title Hell in a Cell Match: WWE Hell in a Cell 2016

Who do you believe wins the Women’s Royal Rumble? Do you believe Banks is among the best in the world?

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