Last week, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Paul Heyman set the wrestling world on fire when they teased a potential match between Brock Lesnar and the “Texas Rattlesnake” at WrestleMania 32. Austin said a potential battle between the two would need to take place in a Texas Death Match, making it an all-out brawl.

Austin would later take to his own podcast though earlier this week and noted he did not intend on stirring the pot. He said he did not see a match happening at WrestleMania, and is happily retired doing his own thing right now.

Per Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, it appears this is no work. His sources have told him any plans that existed at one point for a match between the two stars have been scrapped, and the two will not face-off at WrestleMania. Meltzer said Lesnar and Austin had discussed a match for several years, and if they were to do it, were going to promote it like a fight rather than an entertainment spectacle.

Meltzer notes in his newest newsletter Vince McMahon was upset with Austin and Heyman for the ending of the podcast, which saw Austin essentially cut a promo for the match. The belief was it promoted a match that won’t be happening, and McMahon wanted any publicity towards it squashed because of potential disappointment. It is said McMahon had no idea this would be the direction they would take things for the end of the podcast, and had words with Austin immediately thereafter.

There is speculation on why the match won’t be happening, but Meltzer ultimately believes it boils down to one of two factors. It is either a case of Austin, who has never quite put a stamp on his wrestling days publicly, finally coming to terms with things and opting not to do it, or it is McMahon’s doing. There is always concern Austin, who retired because of neck injuries, could hurt himself in the ring or training for the match, responsibility that would fall on McMahon.

It is said since WrestleMania 32 is planned to be the biggest show of them all, McMahon does not want to have a letdown in the lineup, and thus, is squashing the match as of now.

Editor’s Note

Disappointing, but the smartest thing to do. Can’t be stupid with neck injuries. 


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