A new report has provided further news on Bill DeMott’s behavior prior to his NXT resignation on March 6. DeMott, who was WWE’s former head NXT trainer made headlines when he resigned from his position as head developmental coach amidst accusations of bullying and abuse from former talent.

Per “Wrestling Observer Live” on F4Wonline.com, WWE had “cleaned up shop” in NXT just prior to the onslaught of accusations against DeMott surfaced. There was reportedly no bad behavior from any of NXT’s trainers, that is, until the complaints began to arise. One former NXT talent, Austin Matelson, became the first to recently accuse DeMott of harassing him, which then snowballed into several other talents making similar claims.

WWE defended DeMott and claimed it found no evidence of any wrongdoings. His friend and colleague Chris Jericho also initially came to his defense, but then deleted his support on social media.

DeMott resigned from his job later in the week, seeing the controversy as a distraction in WWE. He denied any of the accusations made against him. He had originally been slated to appear once more on “WWE Tough Enough” on the WWE Network, though that deal is now off with him out of the company.

Matt Bloom, known on WWE TV as Jason Albert, has since taken his position. According to the show, more letters against DeMott may arise soon.

Editor’s Note

So this is all coincidental, right?


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