WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley talked with The Baltimore Sun to promote an upcoming appearance in the city. Among some of the highlights, Foley discussed his recent outburst at WWE alongside his thoughts on the WrestleMania XXX card.

Regarding his “anti-WWE” movement following the disappointing Royal Rumble match:

“I’m still a big wrestling fan. I buy the Pay-Per-Views. I think that gives me the right to speak out just like any other fan. I can’t guarantee that anything I said changed anybody’s mind about anything but I do know that I really like how the card is shaping up. It’ll be a while before you hear me complain about anything again. I choose my words carefully. I make it a point in my on-stage show to only drop one F-bomb. Therefore, that F-bomb makes a heavy impact. In the same sense, I don’t criticize WWE very often. But when I do, it gets some attention.”

Whether the company “worked” the fans with Daniel Bryan:

“Either way, they deserve a lot of credit. If they knew all along and planned it, then they’re smarter than any of us. If they adapted and reacted then they still deserve a great deal of credit for doing that. Either way, I think the fans are going to get a great great show.”

Who in WWE stands out most to him:

“Well, obviously Daniel has really captured people’s attentions in a relatively short time. I hope that they give Dolph Ziggler another shot this year. I really enjoy watching the younger talent like The Shield rise up on the card and make a huge impact. I think the future is looking bright, especially with all the attention that the WWE has put on their developmental program.”

On watching wrestling in a time where kayfabe and reality seem to mesh:

“In a sense, I think the WWE Universe has become one of the greatest characters of the modern era. They have really changed the way that business is done. I personally believe the long-term plans were changed by the outcry of fans. I know WWE is listening, they’d be fools not to. I know for a fact that they’re not fools. I think this era is really interesting. People always say that there’s nothing like the Attitude Era. I think that this era is just as interesting in different ways. It’s a really unique atmosphere, every Monday night especially.”

The entire read can be found here.

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