Former WWE Superstar Evan Bourne, now going by his ring name of Matt Sydal, was recently interviewed by the Miami Herald about numerous topics regarding his wrestling career and WWE. Below are a few highlights from the conversation.

After breaking his foot in multiple spots in an accident in 2012, he made a return at an NXT live event the next year. Sydal talked about the experience:

“They wanted to make sure I was completely healthy, which basically required a dry run. I was able to wrestle a fun match and got good reviews on it and got cleared to wrestle. From that point on I was focused on my rehab. I still didn’t feel as comfortable as I should on my foot. I felt like I was a step behind. I did in-ring work after that. I worked out at the NXT school in Orlando. That basically led me to the next year.”

He noted there is no ill will towards the company on his end for his release:

“WWE was pretty wonderful to me because I was able to rehab my foot 100 percent before I was released. So they released the healthiest, the best, physically and mentally fit Matt into the world of wrestling. They were able to make it so during the time I couldn’t have worked at all they would take care of me. They were providing a great support system. Then after I got fired I was healthy and ready to rock. Honestly, I missed wrestling. So if they weren’t going to use me or have anything for me, it was the nice thing to let me go. Sure, I would have loved to stay, but change is always a good thing.”

Sydal says while he doesn’t rule out going back to WWE, Ring of Honor is where it’s at now:

“It feels like there is more to it than the show. There is this energy, a lifeblood energy that runs through Ring of Honor. There are ties that began when I was just a young kid trying to cut my teeth in the business. I would drive 14 hours to wrestle on a Ring of Honor show I didn’t even get paid $20 for. I spent years and years honing my craft there.”

The entire interview can be found below.

Editor’s Note

Again, this is the best time for independent wrestling, or even lower-tier mid-majors, there ever was. Good for him.


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