Lucha Underground has made a quick splash on the wrestling scene since its recent debut. It has brought in top name former WWE Superstars, and even has the well-regarded Matt Striker as its play-by-play man. But according to a report by Raj Giri, there are some issues at the announcer’s table within the company.

Giri claims the company has soured on former star Vampiro:

“Sources have noted that Matt Striker will often feed Vampiro a line about the style or history of Lucha Libre, which Vampiro will quickly dismiss or sound disinterested with. Vampiro has also been criticized for not knowing some basic Lucha moves, as well as for confusing the babyfaces and heels. It’s also apparent that Vampiro’s audio track is often censored and requires extensive mixing in post production. A source indicated that Vampiro routinely uses foul language, which has caused the production team to spend hours adjusting the commentary for the 60 minute weekly series.”

The news regarding Vampiro reignites rumors WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross could be on his way to the company. Ross publicly denied he had been in talks with the company, but did not close the door on working with Lucha.

He recently worked with Striker at “Wrestle Kingdom 9,” which was met with positive reviews from those within the industry and by fans as well. He has not worked full-time in wrestling since being taken off WWE television following filling in for Jerry “The King” Lawler after his heart attack.

Editor’s Note

Definitely need to get issues like this fixed. Can’t have Vampiro going off the cuff and doing whatever he wants. Let’s see where this goes.


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