WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross took to his blog Monday to give his thoughts on the “Royal Rumble,” touching on each matchup. However, he only touched on the controversial finish, with Roman Reigns going over despite the Philadelphia crowd’s disapproval.

Tuesday, he went into further detail on the booking via his blog.

He noted Bryan should not have been in the match after all:

“I actually picked Daniel Bryan to win the Rumble on my last foxsports.com column but in hindsight and based on how things worked out with Roman Reigns winning, I would not have put DB even in the match. Again, that’s hindsight and that point of view is normally pretty accurate.”

Ross was upset the controversy with Reigns and Bryan has overshadowed what was one of the better triple-threat matches of all-time:

“One of the unfortunate things about this DB/Reigns controversy is that many are ignoring what a great WWE Title match that was featured that would have made any Rumble hard to follow. Lesnar, Cena and Rollins, in particular, really stepped up and brought it and is a match of the year candidate for sure based on what I enjoy in a bout. Thee men delivered, the conclusion of the bout surprised me and they made the title mean more via their physicality and risk taking in attempting to win the match and the championship.”

He also went into further details on why he would book Paul Heyman with Roman Reigns after Mania:

“I floated a fantasy booking idea that it would be intriguing for Reigns and Heyman to collaborate as it would be a jaw dropper and Heyman would be a great asset with Reigns especially in the finer points of Romans game including his verbal skills which I don’t think are a long term issue whatsoever. I know Reigns has the instincts to communicate because I’ve heard him do it.  Fantasy booking is what many of us long time fans enjoy doing especially those of us that have actually done it in real life. It’s no different than playing Fantasy Football ala DraftKings.com who are one of my podcast sponsors.”

The entire entry can be found here.


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