For the past several months, former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Goldberg has been touting the Legends of Wrestling event that was held at Citi Field in Flushing, New York Sunday afternoon. He was one of the main billed attractions at the event, though was not scheduled to appear in the ring.

And while he did not wrestle a match, the man famous for his intensity in the ring stepped back inside the squared-circle for the first time in more than a decade Sunday.

As former WWE and ECW star Rob Van Dam was locked in a match against Scott Steiner, Goldberg hit the ring, coming to Van Dam’s aid. That’s when he launched himself at Steiner, hitting his famous spear.

Not long after, former WWE and TNA star Doc Gallows hit the ring to try and help Steiner. Goldberg was not having any of that, however, and hit him with his famous “Jackhammer” finisher.

He would then grab the microphone and cut a promo before the fans.


The former champion has teased having one more match so his son could see him wrestle since he never got the opportunity. However, in the process, he has blasted WWE and the wrestling industry he left back in 2004. He said he would love to have one more match with Brock Lesnar, though that is unlikely to ever come to fruition given Lesnar’s status in WWE.

Editor’s Note

Well…those were a little rocky. The dude is dangerous with that much ring rust, let alone, he has even admitted he was never a wrestler in the first place.


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