I’ve opened a lot of articles with this statement, but I’ll say it once again: Kevin Owens is very good at heckling the crowd.

His latest terrific moment has spiraled into a big, inter-brand battle between two of WWE’s biggest stars.

Owens got the better of Reigns at house show recently, where KO’s repeated heckling of the crowd got Roman to crack up–while stuck in the middle of a headlock.

Roman says his crack up was natural, though.

After all, Owens was bragging about his paycheck, but Reigns seems to think those royalties are a joke.


Ooh, solid comeback from Roman. Not as solid as KO’s return volley, though.


But then a SmackDown star decided to get involved. John Cena thought this Twitter feuding didn’t have quite enough hustle, so he thought to remind Roman of what hard work looks like.


That got the big dog’s goat, and things got serious.


No further response from Cena just yet. Is it a work? Maybe, and it wouldn’t be the first time some especially ferocious Twitter beef led to a match. Both men are already booked with other opponents at the Royal Rumble, but WrestleMania is certainly a possibility. Perhaps a match to determine the most “controversial” superstar in WWE?

I can just hear JBL shouting “love him or hate him or love him or hate him, everybody’s got an opinion!” Shudder.

Who are you backing in this one? Let us know in the comments below, or over on Facebook!


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