Picture this: Ric Flair at a hotel bar. He’s speaking with a woman–attractive, young, but not young enough for it to be creepy–and she suddenly exclaims to those in earshot that “it’s lit!” Ric Flair, confused, doesn’t know how to proceed.

So what does Flair do? He doesn’t wait for life to pass him by. Oh, no. He seizes the opportunity–to expand his vocabulary, and maybe have an enjoyable evening along the way.

At least, that’s how I imagine this story going, because how else could you explain it?

Flair’s recent call for aid on social media has become “a thing,” and the implications presented by the question make it easy to see why.


Twitter was more than happy to help the Nature Boy out. Twitter itself, even.


Is this actually news? Absolutely not. But if you’re asking whether or not this is news, I’d recommend lightening up and enjoying life more. (After, it’s lit.)

Despite dropping his podcast, Ric Flair has been keeping busy. Like with this utterly ridiculous car commercial, where he puts an unresponsive buyer in a Figure Four Leglock.

What’s your imagined scenario for Flair hearing the term? Let us know in the comments, or on Facebook!


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