“The Gold Standard” Power Rankings for Sept. 22-Oct. 6

Hello, my name is Drew Goldfinger and I want to welcome you to “The Gold Standard.” Ever since I became a staff writer here at WrestingRumors.net, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to interact with the fans on a daily basis.

Because of this, I wanted to start a bi-weekly blog that would allow the fans the opportunity to sound off on the current happenings within WWE. Through this blog, I want to share with you my thoughts on which WWE Superstars I feel have stocks on the rise, and whose stocks are falling.

Each edition of “The Gold Standard” will include my analysis on the current positions of 7 WWE Superstars as seen through my eyes, with considerations made in the following areas:

-Current Storyline

-Match Quality

-Segments on WWE programming

-Potential Future Angles

-Recommendations for Future Success


So without further ado, here are the rankings:

**Honorable Mention: Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman**

I tried to stick with full-time WWE talent for the bulk of my rankings, but I cannot ignore the genius that is Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman. We will definitely see them a lot over the next few weeks leading up to “Hell In A Cell,” and I can’t wait to see the build for the match against The Undertaker. I am also interested to see what happens during the “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Podcast on Oct. 19.

Ultimately, I feel Lesnar HAS to go over at “Hell In A Cell,” to build towards his next feud.

24KThe New Day:

There is NO ONE more over right now then The New Day. Their ring entrance and post-match celebrations are amazing, and I always laugh at their antics. I also feel that if Xavier Woods played the trombone during every match on “Raw,” it would probably increase the ratings.

Their feud with The Dudley’s Boyz has been interesting to watch, because these two teams have difference styles in the ring. Plus, the fact that they were in the Main Event of “Raw” this past Monday, and left John Cena dismantled in the ring, shows that WWE believes that this team is over with the WWE Universe. While I DO expect The Dudley’s to become the 10 time Tag Team Champions at some point, I am hoping it is not anytime soon because the NEW DAY ROCKS!

High RiserKevin Owens:

I have been a big fan of Kevin Owens for a long time, and while I do understand that he debuted on the main roster against John Cena, he seemed to have tailed off a little bit. He has always been over with the fans, and there is no denying his in-ring abilities, but it just seemed that they went a few weeks without knowing where to go with him. However, the decision to put the Intercontinental Title on him was pure genius.

Ryback does absolutely nothing for me, and he had to drop the title. Now, I believe Owens will bring prestige back to a mid-card title that desperately needs it. I hope Owens has a long run with the belt, ultimately catapulting him into the Main Event conversation.

On The RiseSeth Rollins:

Now I know what you’re thinking, “He’s been the WWE World Heavyweight Champion since WrestleMania.” While I realize that Rollins has been at the top of his game for most of 2015, I have not really been a huge fan of his chicken heel run. Don’t get me wrong, he is phenomenal in the ring and on the mic, but The Authority storyline has run its course (especially since they keep flip flopping between heel and face.)

However, over the past few weeks, I have been re-energized with Rollins as he worked the programs with Sting, John Cena, and now Kane. I am interested to see what happens with Rollins as we continue on into the fall, especially with Sheamus lurking around with the “Money In The Bank” briefcase.

Solid GroundSasha Banks:

Listen, we all love Sasha Banks, and many of you probably think that she deserves to be higher up on my list. However, a big part of my thought process is current storyline and time on WWE programming, to which Banks has received very little. Two weeks ago, I do not believe she was even on “Raw,” and this week she was in another three-on-three match, overshadowed by the Nikki Bella rematch angle. Plus, she really has NO storyline of her own at the moment.

The quicker WWE separates her from Team B.A.D and puts her feuding for the Divas Championship, the better off she’ll be. Until then, we will probably just continue to hear “We Want Sasha” chants weekly.

Steady DeclineDean Ambrose:

Wasn’t Dean Ambrose fighting for the WWE Word Heavyweight Championship no less than three months ago? Since then, he has been a glorified sidekick for Roman Reigns, and has really taken a back seat in this angle. Now, it looks as though he will just be at “Hell In A Cell” to support Reigns, not actually wrestle himself. And why didn’t we see his entrance on “Raw?”

I feel WWE currently doesn’t really know what to do with Ambrose, which is a shame because he might be just as over with the fans as anyone else on the roster. I have two recommendations: either have him turn heel on Reigns, or have him feud with Jericho based on what we saw at “Night of Champions.” Anything else at this point is a waste of our time, as well as his.

On The DownfallRusev:

Ok, since Lana split from Rusev, he has just face planted. Think back to where he was earlier this year: defending the United States Championship against John Cena at WrestleMania 31. The feud between him and Ziggler has been just awful, and has done nothing for either Superstar. In addition, he has NO chemistry at all with Summer Rae, and her calling him Ru-Ru makes things worse.

I have no clue if they plan on putting Lana back with Rusev after this has all clearly backfired on WWE. However, I do know that he has to go back to dismantling his opponents to gain back some credibility and do it fast.

Fool’s GoldCesaro:

Listen, I understand how great of a performer Cesaro is. He deserves so much more than he is currently receiving from the people backstage, but clearly they must feel he is missing something. We all thought over the summer when he started feuding with Owens and Cena that maybe WWE has starting to buy into him, but that was clearly all just false hope.

How do you go from fans holding up “Cesaro Section” signs during overseas tours and “Raw,” to be relegated to wrestling matches on WWE Main Event? I fear that until Tyson Kidd returns (if he ever does), WWE will just teases us with the idea of a Cesaro push, and not actually do it.


That completes this week’s edition of “The Gold Standard.” Feel free to leave comments below about whose stock is rising or falling, or to provide feedback on my Superstar breakdowns.

Make sure to follow me on Twitter @NYJetsRule71587 for weekly updates and live tweets!

Until next time, stay golden!



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