The “original diva of the WWE”, Tammy “Sunny” Sytch, has provide an update on her battle with cancer. Sytch took to Twitter Monday to give the latest details in regards to her health and need for surgery, and to also defend herself against those that are saying she may be fabricating the story and has never had any cancer.

Sytch reports,




After posting this update on her health Monday afternoon, early Tuesday morning, around 4:45am, Sytch was back on Twitter. This time, she was attacking former Lucha Libre USA star and Playboy model Reby Sky for accusing Sytch of making up the entire story. Some people have apparently stated that they do not believe Sytch has ever had cancer, and is campaigning for money because she is broke, not because she needs further surgery. Sytch went after Sky for saying something of the sort,




No rebuttal has been issued by Sky as of this story being published, but Sytch has vowed to continue to try and prove to everyone of her “haters” and “doubters” that she is in fact ill and needs the surgery that she is asking fans to help pay for so that she can be free of cancer once and for all.

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