Roman Reigns wants to be a major WWE player in 2014. Reigns recently sat down with the hosts of Busted Open Radio, which you can listen to on SiriusXM 92 and on the mobile SiriusXM app. While on the air with BOR, Reigns explains why he is the only member of The Shield that has a victory over CM Punk and what the Royal Rumble Match is going to look like for all three Shield members. Reigns also discusses his desire to capture a singles championship in WWE, and states that he plans to be the “Man of the company” in 2014.

When asked about being the only Shield member to have a victory over Punk, and if this has caused any “cracks” in The Shield, Reigns says,

The match as far as me beating CM Punk that’s– that’s something everybody’s going to have to get used to. Me taking down a lot of the top superstars, on my own. As far as cracks in The Shield–you know I don’t see it as a “weak link” type thing. I think the match up, you know like; it’s a very similar match up between Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and CM Punk. They’re all very technical-sound wrestlers. I bring something a bit different to the table. I’m a heavy hitting brawler. CM Punk tried to go toe-to-toe with me in that regard and it failed for him.”

Then Reigns described what the Royal Rumble Match will look like with the Shield involved this year saying,

“Oh that’s simple. We’re all in there together. Nothing changes for us. It’s business as usual. We’re gonna eliminate everybody and we’re going to do it with the most efficient teamwork possible. And then once we get to where it’s us three we’re gonna have to figure that out then. The gloves may come off or maybe we’ll make a stand. Maybe we’ll do something no one’s ever done before. We walk out of that sucker; who knows? That’s gonna have to be up to everybody to tune in and pay attention. Cause we’re gonna put on a good show.”

Reigns is also hungry for gold. He says,

“I think just to stay on the track that I’m on. Continue to dominate in these singles opportunities I get. And then when the right opportunity presents itself, I’d like to capture a singles title. There’s plenty of room in The Shield for another singles title; if not two more. I know Seth is thinking the exact same thing. And that’s what makes us money is we’re all on the same page as far as where we’re trying to go. If you’re not trying to climb to the top; if you’re not on that ladder; you’re in trouble, man. You might as well just stay over there by the water cooler and watch us dominate. So if we can get a couple of singles titles along with that US title; that’ll be key for us in 2014.”

The big man then expresses his thoughts on being the “face of the company” in 2014. When asked if that role is something he would want to play this year, Reigns says,

“I don’t know about the “face” of the company. That’s kind of being used right now. I’d like to come up with something a little more fresh. You know Randy Orton is doing that whole “face” of the company thing. I think I’m better than him so if we can get a one upper situation, that’s—maybe the “backbone” of the company. Maybe the “balls” of the company. Something cool like that, you know? I don’t know about the “face” of the company. Maybe the “man” of the company. That sounds about right.”


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