Prince Devitt’s new WWE ring name may be Finn Balor. In a recent report from, the site claims that Devitt will likely be using the name moving forward while working for World Wrestling Entertainment.

Devitt is currently signed to a developmental contract and may make his NXT debut during the Sept. 25 tapings from Full Sail University. Understanding that WWE normally gives their talent ring names in order to own the likeness rights to promotional materials, merchandise, and other revenue streams involving the superstars, Devitt being christened with a new moniker should not come as a surprise to anyone.

International superstar KENTA made his NXT debut during “NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4 Way,” announcing to the world that he has chosen his own ring name for himself. KENTA donned himself Hideo Itami, which was the number one searched topic in Japan following the announcement. Following Itami’s announcement, wrestling fans world-wide began to speculate on whether or not Devitt and recently signed superstar Kevin Steen would have to change their ring names as well.

KENTA chose “Hideo Itami” due to his respect for baseball player Hideo Nomo, and his love for “Naruto.” It is currently uncertain as to whether Devitt picked “Finn Balor” himself or not, but the name may have been selected in response to Irish folklore.

In traditional Irish mythology, “Balor” ( modern spelling: Balar) was king of the Fomorians, a group of supernatural beings. He is often described as a giant with a large eye in his forehead that wreaks destruction when opened. He has been interpreted as a god or personification of drought and blight.

Originally, it was believed that Devitt would simply be using his actual name of Fergal Devitt while competing for WWE. However, all questions regarding what Devitt will be called should be answered very soon, as he should be debuting on NXT within the next few weeks.

Editor’s Note:
Ok…I understand WHY the company insists on changing people’s names, but I have to say, I hate it with a passion at times. Why in the blue hell would WWE announce the signings of KENTA, Devitt, and Steen, featuring them in articles, frequently posting pics of them with Triple H, only to then change their names. It all seems very confusing.


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