According to Reddit user MetsFan4Ever, who has broke several WWE stories in the past (such as CM Punk and AJ Lee’s secret wedding), WWE officials are torn about who should win the Royal Rumble Match on Jan. 25.

MetsFan4Ever took to his preferred medium of Reddit on Jan. 5 to reveal that officials and superstars alike are not all seeing eye-to-eye in regards to who should win the 28th annual Royal Rumble Match and head to WrestleMania 31 as the No. 1 Contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. As previously reported, WWE officials are beginning to second-guess their original plan of Roman Reigns being the winner of the bout, and have also discussed Dolph Ziggler, and Dean Ambrose for the position.

However, that was before Daniel Bryan was announced for the match, which has added a different dynamic to the upcoming Battle Royal. Many within the company apparently feel like either Reigns or Bryan should be the victor of the annual Rumble match, and they each have different reasons why.

Some want Reigns to win because they believe that he is the future of the company, the next John Cena, and think that a Rumble/WrestleMania win would skyrocket Reigns into that position this year. However, there are some that are not yet convinced that it is Reigns’ time in the top spot just yet.

Those that feel like Bryan should win the Rumble not only believe that he deserves it after the fan response to his return announcement, but also because they are scared that if Bryan is in the bout and doesn’t win, their may be another fan revolt against whoever does win, much like what happened with Batista in 2014.

However, some officials believe that Bryan is still a “B” player and is not a main event player, regardless of what happened at WrestleMania XXX. It is also said those that don’t want to see Bryan win it are also questioning his long-term future, as no one knows how well Bryan’s body will hold up going forward.

Editor’s Note:
Well…it seems as if they REALLY don’t know if they want to go with Reigns now or not. Either way, I dig all of the speculation. It’s DEFINITELY starting to get close to WrestleMania season.


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