In a new post on his official Facebook page, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley comments on Triple H’s brutal beat down of Daniel Bryan during the final segment of the March 17 edition of “Monday Night Raw.”

Foley has been very outspoken as of late in regards to his thoughts about WWE booking, the company’s use of Hall of Fame talent like himself (or lack there of), as well a number of other issues he’s felt with the hand that used to feed him. This post however, is one of the more positive ones to energy from Foley in regard to the WWE in some time.

Foley says that the vicious attack on Bryan during the episode of “RAW” was, “Just right,” from his perspective. Mrs. Foley’s baby boy writes,


Following the brutal beatdown of Daniel Bryan by Triple H on Monday’s ?#?RAW?, I received many questions on social media, asking if I thought WWE had gone too far, with many pointing out the beating’s resmeblance to the one I took at the hands of The Rock in the 1999 Royal Rumble. No, I don’t think they went too far. I think they went just far enough.

A few weeks ago, when Daniel Bryan challenged Triple H, and tried to engage the crowd in a “Yes” chant, it seemed half-hearted at best, to the point where I said out loud, in the Foley living room, “he’s trying to sell a match that no one wants to see.” Well, following Monday night, that match has gone from being simply the obstacle Daniel Bryan had to hurdle to get to the main event into a match I now I feel like I need to see.

Yes, it was brutal, yes it was tough to watch at certain points – but it served notice to all of those who had forgotten, that Triple H was one of the best bad guys of his generation – and Stephanie, with her recent work on the microphone, has become an abslolutely compelling authority figure – as effective as I’ve ever seen her; seemingly channelling her inner Vince. I’ve known Stephanie a long time, and somewhere in the McMahon/Helmsley home, she still has the pot-holder my daughter made for her many, many years, ago. No matter what happens in business, she is someone I will always consider a friend. But man, do I want to see her get what she has coming to her? Maybe a WWE Diva who might happen to have a close connection to Daniel Bryan to smack the taste out of her mouth. Any candidates?

Imagine me as Goldilocks, surveying the lay of the WWE land, looking at angles from the past – far past, and recent past, trying to figure out which one is the perfect fit when it comes to selling a match – really, truly turning a match into something that the WWE Universe feels they need to see. That Rumble I did with Dwayne The Rock Johnson with the 11 unprotected chairshots? Too much. Most of what we see in the PG era? No matter how good the wrestling (and much of it is really, really good) – it’s just a little too soft. But what I saw on Monday night? As brutal as it may have been, as tough as it may have been to watch, I thought it was just right.

We shared similar view points on the March 18 edition of Wrestling Rumors Radio. Check it out!



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