TNA Hall of Famer Kurt Angle has a torn ACL and may be done wrestling for TNA. According to both and, Angle legitimately suffered a torn ACL in his left knee, and will be unable to compete for four-to-five months.

Angle reportedly re-injured the same knee that he had surgery on back in Jan. during his match with Ethan Carter III that aired on May 8, although it was previously recorded. Following the match, the company then showed Angle in an “examination room,” in which a doctor revealed that Angle’s ACL was torn and that he would need surgery. claims Angle contacted them directly to disclose that Friday, May 9 would be when he goes under the knife. Angle had this to say on the matter,

“I was limited in the ring and don’t want to be anymore. I injured it 5 years ago. Held up until now. I love going 150%.”

The biggest concern for TNA now is determining whether or not Angle will ever compete in one of their rings ever again. If he is out for four-to-five months rehabilitating the injury, then his return would be set for September-November. Angle’s contract with TNA Wrestling expires in September, and even though TNA has reportedly already offered Angle a new deal, he has yet to sign it.

Angle has been very outspoken about wanting to return to WWE before his career is done. It is only a matter of time before Angle returns to the company that made him. However, with Jeff Jarrett’s new Global Force Wrestling promotion gearing up, who’s to say Angle doesn’t head there as the “top guy?” provides this statement on the matter,

On Thursday’s IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast, Kurt Angle finally got his chance at payback one-on-one against Ethan Carter III. However, during the course of the match, Kurt’s surgically-repaired knee gave out on him twice, leading to Ethan Carter capitalizing on the injury to get the pin and win over his nemesis.

After the bout, Kurt was immediately taken for X-rays, which unfortunately revealed that the TNA Hall Of Fame has suffered a torn ACL that will require surgery. You can watch the footage from Angle’s injury below, plus the doctor’s prognonsis afterwards – stay tuned to and@IMPACTWRESTLING and @RealKurtAngle on Twitter for further updates on Kurt’s condition!

Whether the injury is legitimate or a work, Angle vs. Carter III may very well have been Angle’s final match in a TNA Wrestling ring.

Editor’s Note:

I’ve watched that match…and the cheesy doctor’s office segment…and I’m not convinced completely that this is a shoot. To me, it seemed a little bit work-ish. Carter continued to attack Angle’s knee even when it was going out on him, relentlessly. I couldn’t figure it out though, and that’s intriguing. I couldn’t tell if Angle’s face while laying on the mat was a “Oh no…I just screwed up my final run in TNA” face, or if it was a “I need to sell like I’m disappointed so that people think I’m actually disappointed” face. So, well done Angle. Sucks if he actually is hurt, because if he does return to WWE, I’d love to see him go that 150% he was talking about. Angle is one of the best wrestlers ever to come through the doors of both companies, and if this isn’t a work, then we wish him a speedy and healthy recovery.





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