Kevin Nash will be inducted into the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame Class as Kevin Nash, not Diesel, the character he spent almost three years as in the company in the mid-’90s. As previously reported, it was announced that Nash would join the 2015 class of WWE Hall of Fame inductees on March 23. It was also on this day that the company would reveal that he would be inducted as “Kevin Nash,” and not “Diesel.”

Diesel was WWE Champion for the majority of 1995, and was a main event player during the WWE’s “New Generation” campaign during the 1990s. He also held the Intercontinental Championship, as well as the Tag Team Championship with fellow Kliq member, Shawn Michaels. The duo was known as “Two Dudes With Attitude.”

It was revealed that Nash would be inducted as Diesel instead of his actual name during the first commercial break of the March 23 edition of “Monday Night Raw.” However, when WWE revealed Nash’s role as an inductee around the 10:30 mark of the program, they had changed the name he will be inducted under to his real name, instead of “Diesel.”

The image below shows the WrestleMania weekend exclusive Diesel t-shirt that will be on sale in Santa Clara, California the weekend of March 29.

Kevin Nash is All But Confirmed to be Inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as Diesel

Editor’s Note:

Congratulations to Nash! Deserving of this honor.


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