In a new blog post on his official website,, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross comments on if Roman Reigns should turn heel for WrestleMania 31, what he thought of the 28th annual “Royal Rumble” PPV, if the Rumble stipulation should change, and more.

Ross wrote the following discussing the “Royal Rumble” event, saying that he believes the crowd was a crazy dynamic, being overly heel, but still wanting Daniel Bryan to win. He also comments on Reigns winning the big main event to headline WrestleMania 31, and discusses what may come of his future from this path. Also, much like everyone else in the WWE Universe, Ross praised Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, and John Cena for their work in the Triple Threat WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match.

“I watched the Royal Rumble from my Philly hotel room, The Monaco which is an awesome hotel by the way, on my iPad via the WWE Network.  No technical glitches whatsoever. The Philly crowd really impacted the event specifically the closing moments of the Rumble match. It was obvious that the largely, ‘heel crowd’ wanted Daniel Bryan to win the Rumble even though Daniel Bryan isn’t a heel. It was certainly a unique atmosphere in the Wells Fargo Center Sunday night.

Roman Reigns is now in touchy situation and how he comes out of all this is going to be provocative to follow. The Rock had some of the same issues back in the day when he debuted as in the infamous :”Die Rocky Die” chants and signs we used to see.  seen Reigns as a big star in the future and I’m curious to see it Sunday night’s experiences will help him in the long haul.

What if Reigns shockingly aligned himself with Paul Heyman and the two of them conspired to beat Lesnar at WM31? Stranger things have happened.  

Loved the WWE Title match at the Rumble and all three men, Lesnar, Cena and Rollins impressed me throughout the match and I will admit that I was surprised that Lesnar retained his title which I hope indicates that Brock is  sticking around WWE after WM31 but we won’t know as much until that day comes. Lesnar doesn’t need to be on RAW every week but he does need to be on there more than he was in 2014 IMO but something tells me that there is something eating at Lesnar regarding the way he left UFC.

Bray Wyatt had a good Rumble experience and he looks to be the best candidate at this time to work with the Undertaker at WM31. I’m curious and interested as to this potential match just as I am regarding Sting vs  HHH if that goes down which it seems to be almost assured. 

I’m liking the tag team of Cesaro and Kidd and feel that WWE could make them special much sooner than later and if they prioritized the tag team scene to a higher level. 

Perhaps its just me but is getting an automatic Title berth at WrestleMania a good idea for the Rumble match winner. Am I over thinking this matter or does the stipulation really narrow the field to only a small handful of viable candidates?”

Editor’s Note:
I agree with EVERYTHING Ross said. I made a lot of similar comments on both “WRESTLING WARM-UP” and “Wrestle REACTION” on Jan. 26.


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