WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan claims that John Cena would be more popular as a heel. In a recent interview with Dallas-Fort Worth radio station 105.3 “The Fan,” Hogan compares Cena’s eleven-year face run to his initial twelve-year face run in WWF in the ’80s. He then goes on to say that Cena would get cheered “more than ever” if WWE would pull the trigger and turn him into a “bad guy.”

Fans have consistently compared Cena’s WWE career to Hogan’s legacy in the company. When Hogan left WWF for WCW, he infamously switched sides and became a heel in 1996, about twelve years after his initial rise to mega-stardom as a “say your prayers and eat your vitamins” baby face.

The company has teased heel turns for Cena for the last two years, but the Leader of the Cenation continues to always rise against hate, and never give into the “dark side.” When Hogan was asked in the recent interview about why he believes a Cena heel turn hasn’t happened yet, he said,

“When you look at the big picture you see ad buys, sponsorships and amount of revenue generated by merchandise, and the fact that he volunteers to go overseas to see the troops. When he’s home he sees troops who were messed up in the war, and make-a-wish kids. I guess you can be a bad guy and still generate that type of revenue, which I did. 

Vince McMahon had a master plan for this guy, I think I know what should be done in wrestling and then I talk to Vince. He has a bigger vision than just making John Cena a bad guy, a bigger vision than what you see in the ring. Vince has a reason for not doing it.

You and I would say that he should turn heel right now like I did, and the fans would cheer him more than ever probably.”

Cena consistently states that he will never turn heel, or at least not until Vince McMahon tells him to, but it would be interesting to see how much more popular Cena would become if he did make the adjustment to his somewhat-stagnant character.

Editor’s Note:
I would love to Cena the change in Cena…if just to see something different.


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