Gawker Wins Lawsuit Against the FBI; Looks Towards Lawsuit Against Hulk Hogan

According to Capital New York,Gawker has won its lawsuit against the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which was related to the lawsuit that was filed against the “rumors & news” site by WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan. The suit Hogan filed against Gawker, and the suit that Gawker just won against the FBI both are in relation the sex tape featuring Hogan and Heather Clem that the site released in 2012.

The FBI heavily investigated the origins of the  sex tape that Gawker published, so the site filed a Freedom of Information Act request to retrieve the records of the investigation to help defend themselves against the lawsuit filed against them by Hogan. After being denied on privacy grounds, Gawker obtained released from Clem and Hogan, who was told to sign it by a judge. Even after obtaining the releases, the FBI denied a second FOIA request. That is when Gawker sued the FBI.

Gawker released the following statement on June 25,

“The FBI’s tapes and documents should help answer a number of questions relevant to Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit — whether there are still more sex tapes out there, who was taping and why and who all knew about it. We always want to get to the bottom of every story, and now we’re a step closer to knowing the full truth here.”

Judge Susan C. Bucklew of the Middle District of Florida has ruled that the FBI must turn over everything requested by Gawker before June 26. The documents obtained by the FBI will go directly to Gawker, while three discs containing what are believed to be either additional copies of the sex tape, or possible other videos featuring Clem and Hogan are being delivered to the special magistrate who is overseeing the discovery process in the Hogan-Gawker trial.

As previously reported, Hogan and Gawker will head to trial in just about two weeks. Their case is one of the only “sex tape” cases that have made it all the way to trial, and Hogan is asking for $100 million. Many of these types of cases have ended in settlements or are thrown out completely.

Editor’s Note:

Wow. There must be some pretty incriminating evidence in those FBI files that will actually help Gawker when it comes to their suit against Hogan.


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