WWE taped the July 25 edition of “Smackdown” in Orlando on July 22. The following are the results of the show, which will air on SyFy, Friday, July 25.

WWE “Smackdown” (07-25-14)

1.) *WWE Tag Team Champions* The Usos def. RybAxel. The crowd didn’t get into the match until the end, since all four men had just appeared in front of the crowd during WWE “Main Event.”

*The Miz is shown backstage as he gets ready to come out and host an edition of “MizTV.” He autographs a child’s program, without being asked to. Miz then interviews his parents during “MizTV.” Miz’s mom goes as far to embarrass Miz by saying that her favorite wrestler is actually Roman Reigns.

*Bo Dallas then interrupts the segment and gets a good response. He tells Miz that he won the Intercontinental Championship because he “Bolieved.” This leads to Dolph Ziggler coming out. Ziggler tells Miz and Dallas that they were both full of crap. Dallas tells Ziggler to Bolieve, and a fight takes us to the next match.

2.) Bo Dallas def. Dolph Ziggler. The Miz is on commentary on this one, and distracts Ziggler, allowing Dallas to get the victory. Dallas and Miz then attack Ziggler following the match.

3.) Dean Ambrose def. Cesaro. This was a No Disqualification Match, and chairs were involved. Cesaro suplexes Ambrose into a stack of them at one point. Ambrose wins with a roll-up. Following the match, Seth Rollins and Cesaro attack Ambrose and both hit their finishes on him.

4.) Paige def. Naomi. Cameron watched the match from the stage, as Naomi was made short work of by Paige, who wins via submission.

*Goldust and Stardust talk about what’s in the stars for them backstage. This was said to be their weirdest backstage segment yet.

5.) Bray Wyatt def. R-Truth. Wyatt cuts a promo on Chris Jericho following the match. He references the “Save Us Y2J” gimmick from 2006 again, and says that Jericho is not a savior, but Wyatt is.

6.) Roman Reigns def. Alberto Del Rio. Reigns stands strong at the end of “Smackdown.”

Dark Main Event:
The Big Show def. Kane via Count-Out. Kane came out demanding the company send someone out for him to face, and it was Big Show. These two may face each other at “SummerSlam.”

(Thank you to Matt and Nick for corresponding for us from Orlando!)


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