Alberto Del Rio claims WWE executives make racist jokes regularly. The latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter includes comments from Del Rio, now known as El Patrón, that will be included in a new interview with Fighting Spirit Magazine describing his departure from WWE.

In the upcoming interview, Del Rio apparently claims that racist jokes amongst WWE executives were constant. Del Rio states that while he never appreciated the comments made, usually about Latino(a)s and African-Americans, he did not feel like he could stand up for anyone because of who was making the jokes. Del Rio says that when a “nobody,” such as Cody Barbierri (the man Del Rio slapped) used a racial slur or joke, then he would confront them, but if they were made by someone higher-up.

Del Rio also confirmed a rumor about what he was told following his confrontation with Barbierri. He was initially told he would be suspended after slapping the Social Network employee, but WWE officials changed their mind over fear that Barbierri might sue the company. Big Show already had a lawsuit against him in court, due to his aggression towards another employee, and the company didn’t want to suits on their hands. Barbierri has since been removed from the company.

El Patron claims he was told,“We need to let you go until things cool down,” and he believed that they were planning on re-hiring him after a few months had passed. However, he told them that if he wasn’t re-hired by the time he hung up the phone, he would not be returning at all. He was bold enough to make this claim to his boss because he was already planning on leaving the company once his contract was up.

Del Rio would not disclose who called him about being let go, but he did say it was someone high up on the WWE food chain who always makes racial jokes. He claims because this person does it, others like Barbierri believe it’s ok and that’s why they do it.

Ricardo Rodriguez, who once worked side-by-side with Del Rio, claims that Triple H, who was reportedly the man that made the call to Del Rio some months ago, is one that makes racist comments regularly. Rodriguez recently said that Triple H called him Bumblebee, like the portly hispanic character from “The Simpsons,” and that if you aren’t one of his “little toys,” he doesn’t care at all about you.

The interview where Del Rio will “tell all” will be available via Fighting Spirit Magazine later this week.

Editor’s Note:
This…does not look good for WWE’s high-ranking officials.


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