WWE.com has posted a new article about the career of Sabu, and how he was revolutionary in the advancement of Extreme Championship Wrestling in the late 90’s. However, the piece also states that Sabu’s legacy has since been forgotten, and tries to give explanations on why this is the case.

Below are some highlights from the article:

On Sabu’s fearless style:

“The biggest thing you think when you see Sabu for the first time is he’s dangerous — he looks like a danger to himself and to others,” Dean Ambrose told WWE.com. “You figure, is this guy human? Is he crazy? He’s absolutely fearless. A guy who doesn’t have any regard for his own health and safety isn’t likely to have any regard for his opponent’s.”

On Sabu being forgotten in the history of wrestling:

“Whether Sabu gets the credit in history he deserves, the answer is no,” (Paul) Heyman said. “But who do you blame for that? Do you blame the curator of the industry, WWE, for not acknowledging the contributions that Sabu made? Do you blame Sabu for not staying healthy enough to force history to acknowledge his contributions? Do you blame the audience who only sings the praises of Sabu crashing through tables, and not all the many other ways Sabu was so unique at his height?”

On Sabu’s approach to wrestling:

“On a scale of one to 10 for unpredictability, he was like a 36, a 112,” Seth Rollins said. “He was out of his mind. I don’t even think he knew what he was going to do, second to second. Watching him was like watching a crazy fireworks show that had just gone haywire.”

You can read the full article at this link.

Editor’s Note:

I was a huge Sabu fan right as ECW became available on my TV in the late 90’s. He was a pioneer for the ‘extreme’ style of wrestling, and deserves to be in WWE Hall of Fame. I hope he is given this deserved accolade one day!



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