It had been previously reported that Cody Rhodes has filed for the trademark ‘Bash at the Beach’ for an AEW event that will be taking place on January 15, 2020, in Miami. Bash at the Beach was an old pay-per-view name that WCW used for years but was never trademarked by WWE in the modern era.

WWE has obviously taken notice and has decided to file for trademarks for a number of WCW and ECW pay-per-view names. According to a report from PWInsiderthey have filed for the following names:

* Fully Loaded
* Living Dangerously
* Heat Wave
* Anarchy Rulz
* World War 3
* Chi-Town Rumble
* Sin
* Souled Out
* New Blood Rising
* Hog Wild
* Capital Combat
* Road Wild
* Greed
* Uncensored
* Spring Stampede
* The Day Of
* Mayhem
* Beach Blast
* Massacre on 34th Street
* Hardcore Heaven
* Eat Sleep Conquer Repeat

Check out a famous moment from a previous Bash at the Beach:


Editor’s Opinion:

I’m guessing that WWE is doing this to try to stop AEW’s popularity; if older wrestling fans hear these pay-per-view names, they could feel a sense of nostalgia and be intrigued to watch the product.

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