One of the major storylines of the past few months has been the news that NXT will be moving from the WWE Network to the USA Network, beginning on September 18. This is a huge move for the brand and will give its superstars a lot more exposure on a nationwide audience.

But, now that it will be on live television, will it be considered a legitimate 3rd brand for WWE?

According to the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletterthis will not be the case and wrestlers will still be “called-up” to Raw or Smackdown Live. However, it was mentioned that more call-ups will be coming, in preparation for the new live format.

What can NXT superstars do? See for yourself:

Editor’s Opinion:

I sort of get this and I sort of don’t. If you’re going to be put a WWE brand on the same network as its flagship program, that being Raw, then I would think that you would look at it as an official third brand. In some ways, this reminds me of the WWE version of ECW, when it was looked as a third brand. Obviously, there is much more talent and excitement around, NXT, however, but you get the idea.

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