When factions collide. WWE has posted a new video to its YouTube channel in which they show the full match between The Shield and Evolution from WWE Extreme Rules 2014.

You can see the video in its entirety below:

From WWE.com:

Evolution worked over their opposition methodically. “Bootista” chants rained down as The Animal worked over his prey, and Ambrose looked downright punch-drunk after an exchange with Triple H, which ended with a fierce spinebuster by the 13-time World Champion.

The Hounds of Justice would not be denied, though. The trio’s Lunatic Fringe turned the tides with a DDT on Triple H, and once Reigns found his way into the contest, he turned into a one-man wrecking crew, taking out Orton, Batista, and Triple H in succession.

The Shield looked to have the match locked up when they struck Batista with a Triple Powerbomb, yet savvy veterans Orton and Triple H prevented the pinfall. Reigns subsequently ate a Pedigree and an RKO, but he was never pinned thanks to his teammates’ efforts.

At that point, all hell broke loose.

As the match’s legal competitors, Reigns and Batista, struggled to get to their feet inside the ring, the other four combatants embarked on a wild free-for-all that spilled out of the ring and, eventually, into the WWE Universe. All the while, a loud “This is awesome!” chant took over the arena.

Ambrose ran the length of both announce tables and leapt onto Triple H and Orton. Within minutes, Orton rebounded and sent the unstable Shield member flying down a flight of stairs. As The King of Kings and WWE’s Apex Predator worked over Ambrose hundreds of feet away from ringside, the collective jaw of WWE fans dropped as Rollins came flying down with an incredible cross-body block off the balcony!

Back inside the ring, Batista dropped Reigns with a spinebuster and prepared for the Batista Bomb. But The Shield’s Punisher — perhaps mindful of this year’s Royal Rumble Match, which The Animal won after eliminating Reigns — shoved off Batista, recoiled and launched into a Superman Punch. A bone-rattling Spear later, and The Shield cemented their status as WWE”s new torchbearers.


Editor’s Opinion:

I remember this match like it was yesterday. This match was a true coming out for The Shield and solidified Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns as superstars in WWE.

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