The rivalry continues. WWE has posted a new video to their YouTube channel, in which they show the full match between Randy Orton and John Cena for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from the Royal Rumble 2014.

You can see the match in its entirety below:



The task at hand was, all things considered, a fool’s errand for Orton. In addition to facing excess pressure to live up to his Authority-appointed status as champion – a task that from the get-go has been harder for him than he seemed to think it would be – he went on to poke the proverbial bear by attacking Cena’s father two weeks ago on Raw, to the dismay of his handlers. With practically everyone but the voices in his head turned against him, The Authority seemed content to throw Orton to the wolves; whether the challenge fortified him or not seemed of little concern in their last meeting.

When the bell tolled at Royal Rumble, the Cenation leader didn’t waste any time in rectifying his (failed) bid at payback six days earlier. The Viper was besieged from the beginning by Cena, who for all his strength, has never been considered much of a brawler, yet seemed quite at home throwing boulder-sized fists into Orton’s head and torso. Spurred into action, The Viper retaliated with a plunging stomp to Cena and a trio of bone-rattling headbutts.

With the WWE Universe still jeering him, a reeling Orton countered with an RKO and very nearly had Cena in position for a punt to the head. When that went south, both champion and challenger decided to ditch their own playbooks and take a page out of each other’s. Orton locked in a wicked-looking STF and Attitude Adjustment; Cena lashed out with an RKO in response. At this point, there weren’t so much two Superstars left  as there were beaten shells of them, so there was nothing left to do but empty the arsenal. Cena, for his part, got the better of the ensuing exchange when he administered a tornado DDT from the top rope, locking in the STF again and stranding Orton in the middle of the ring, with no escape available to him.

That is, until Bray Wyatt delivered it. Suddenly appearing at ringside with Erick Rowan & Luke Harper, The Eater of Worlds took Cena’s focus off the Champion of Champions long enough for Orton to hit the pivotal RKO that spelled Cena’s doom. The Viper – wanting no part of the man whom he earlier referred to as a “‘Duck Dynasty’ reject,”– slunk out through the audience and left Cena to the mercy of Wyatt. The “Man of 1,000 Truths” directed his Family to discipline Cena, and, with the WWE standard-bearer left limp in his arms, proclaimed his clan “the creators of the new world” before putting Cena to sleep with Sister Abigail.

Editor’s Opinion:

Whenever Cena and Orton are in the ring together, could it possibly be bad?

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