History was made on this fateful night. WWE has posted a new video to their YouTube channel in which they show the full 30-Women Royal Rumble match from the 2018 pay-per-view of the same name. This was the first match of this kind in the history of the company.

You can watch the match in its entirety below:

From WWE.com:

One woman, two women, 29 women. It’s all the same to Asuka. But while The Empress of Tomorrow made history by winning the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble Match, one woman who didn’t compete in the historic contest — Ronda Rousey — ended up casting the longest shadow over the evening.

The first surprise was Lita, who entered at No. 5 and displayed the names of the late Superstars who never got to see this historic moment come to fruition on her arm. She was followed by Torrie Wilson (No. 9), Molly Holly (No. 12), Michelle McCool (No 14), Vickie Guerrero (No. 16), Kelly Kelly (No. 19), Jacqueline (No. 21), Beth Phoenix (No. 24), Nikki Bella (No. 27), Brie Bella (completing her comeback at No. 28) and finally, Trish Stratus at No. 30.

Asuka, Banks and The Bella Twins survived all the way to the Final Four. The Boss and The Bellas wisely ganged up on Asuka, but Sasha, who was the No. 1 entry in the match, got a little too enthusiastic and shoved the twins aside to get her shots in on The Empress of Tomorrow. Nikki & Brie responded by tossing her over in unison. The Fearless One shocked the WWE Universe when she eliminated Brie moments later, mouthing the unmistakable words to her stunned sister: “I want this.”

Asuka, as it turns out, wanted it just a little bit more. Despite suffering a Rack Attack 2.0, The Empress of Tomorrow lured Nikki into a slugfest on the apron. And it was Asuka, with a quick-thinking swipe of Nikki’s legs, who was the last woman standing.

Editor’s Opinion:

I loved this match. Obviously, the most important part of the night was the debut of Ronda Rousey, but this match was a continuation of the evolution of women’s wrestling and is a sign of many great things for years to come.

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