R-Truth may go down as either the best or worst champion in all of WWE History. One of the great things about the 24/7 Championship is that it can be defended at any time, and won by anybody. This includes a celebrity or celebrities that have no affiliation with professional wrestling whatsoever.

That happened again last night on Raw, as NASCAR Champion Kyle Busch, who was in attendance at the show, tricked R-Truth into thinking he was safe and then ended up pinning him for the 24/7 Championship.

You can see the segment below:

However, all is right with the world, and Truth won the title back later in the evening, albeit backstage:

Editor’s Opinion:

A couple of things that I noticed about this segment. First, it looked like when Michael Waltrip took off his shirt, he was about to reveal that he was in the nWo. Second, Kyle Busch is a really bad actor. Oh well. It was still a fun event and another reason why I love the 24/7 Championship! A celebrity can be a star!

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