It might be game over for some people. According to the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Triple H is very frustrated with how things are going on the main roster, although he has never said anything publicly.

The problem is not that Vince McMahon is being open to suggestions, but it is believed that he’s far too open to suggestions recently, and that it ends up watering down all the original visions and storylines. There has been too much input from too many people on the team, and when you change something in a story, it has a ripple effect on every aspect of it. In addition, McMahon solicits input from so many people that it leads to things being watered down.

This isn’t the first time that Triple H and his father-in-law have disagreed:

It is unknown at this point what McMahon’s schedule will be like once the XFL kicks off, but it could only add to his already very high workload.

Editor’s Thoughts:

Can you blame Triple H? With how successful NXT has been over the past few years, and how in some ways, many fans see it as superior to the main roster, it’s clear that he has a fantastic wrestling mind and only wants what’s best for WWE, its fans and its talent.

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