Triple H was recently interviewed by Sky Sportsin which he discussed the announcement of the all-female pay-per-view, known as Evolution. He discussed a number of topics, including how the event came to be, if it will become a regular event, if any legends will be returning and more.

Below are some questions, along with The Game’s answers:

How did Evolution come about?

“If you go back three years to #givedivasachance which trended for three days, the desire for this has evolved to where we are now. The opportunity for women to step into what they worked hard for all these decades, to be respected along with everyone else.

“They’ve earned the spot, they’ve main evented, they’ve headlined, they’ve stolen the show, they’ve done everything it takes and now, for me, this is the capping moment of that achievement.

Will it be a mainstay in WWE programming?

“It’s a question to be answered down the road. Do we need to have a women’s only event? No – just like we don’t need a men’s only event or anything else. I think that the opportunity is there whoever is the best, the most prominent box office attraction that is the main event. It doesn’t matter if that’s Raw, Smackdown, NXT, Wrestlemania.

“So can they have their own event? Can it be a mainstay? Yes, and if our fans want it and it’s the right thing then we’ll give it to them. The WWE universe will dictate to us what the approach is.”

Stephanie McMahon announces WWE Evolution: Raw, July 23, 2018

Any spoilers on other legends returning or anyone else involved?

“Lots of things can happen and change before October, our intent will be to represent women of the past, present and future. Trish Stratus, Lita, I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of women who want to perform, a lot want to be a part of it. Obviously we can’t include everyone but hopefully they’ll want to be there and be a part of it.

“If they’ve ever laced up those boots and performed in front of a crowd, then they’ll want to be there because it’s the biggest thing in sports entertainment. They should all be extremely proud and be smiling big because this is their moment, this is what they all worked so hard to achieve and hopefully, we’ll give them the opportunity they deserve to put on the show and I absolutely know that they will.”

They also discuss the advancement of women’s wrestling in the future and more.

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