We all know that most WWE superstars don’t remain in the main event for the remainder of their career once they finally make it to the top. But how exactly does a push get slowed down?

On the latest episode of The Taz Show, former WWE superstar Taz reveals what happens when the company stops giving their talent a push.

Below are some highlights from the conversation:

On how a talent’s push is slowed down:

“It’s kind of a slow, gradual thing that happens behind the scenes, and there are little signs that you could tell,” said Taz. “And that’s the thing I think most people don’t talk about that maybe have experienced this like yours truly because I have experienced this.”

Tazz's WWE Debut

On what happens when a push is halted:

Taz stated that most wrestlers backstage have no idea why they start to get depushed. Sometimes, it is not about wrestlers doing something wrong, but something that rubs Vince McMahon the wrong way or something he did not like. Instead of Vince getting angry, he just decides that the push is not working anymore and stops it.

When a wrestler gets depushed, Taz revealed that producers and other backstage personnel start acting differently towards him or her. Despite always being professional and nice, producers become less talkative and reduce small talk around the coffee pot. He also stated that there were things that he heard as an announcer in a production meeting that he could not share with his colleagues regarding a change in direction in their push.

On Sasha Banks and the “lack of her push” as of late:

“Someone like a Sasha Banks can get lost in the shuffle,” said Taz. “And she’s not the only one. I mean there’s so many talent, that’s not me saying anything negative about Sasha’s abilities, has nothing to do with her abilities, it just has to do with she’s been there several years now on the main roster, and it’s like they’re like, ‘How do we set the table [and] the story op for when [Shayna] Baszler comes in? She’s the NXT champ, but what are we gonna do when she comes up?'”

[h/t to WrestlingInc for the transcription]

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