Welcome to the wasteland. It’s no secret that not everyone makes it in WWE and sometimes superstars need to find another way to make their professional goals come true. This is the case for a tag team within the company.

WWE announced today that they have come to terms on the releases of Ryan Parmeter (Konnor) and Eric Thompson (Viktor) of The Ascension. They have hardly been used in a program within the company since debuting on the main roster nearly 5 years ago.

Check out a clip from their debut:


The Ascension had their most success under the WWE banner during their time in NXT, where they held the Tag Team championships for almost a year.

Earlier today, Luke Harper and Sin Cara were also released from their contracts.

Editor’s Opinion:

The Ascension was still in WWE? Who knew? It’s unfortunate because they were successful in NXT and I thought they had a future on the main roster. Unfortunately, they were squandered and never connected with the audience, which is a shame, because I believe that they are talented. I hope they have success in their next ventures!

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