WWE’s Chief Brand Officer, Stephanie McMahon, recently spoke with Sky Sports and discussed a topic that continues to garner the attention of many fans and critics alike: the potential sexualization and gender equality of professional wrestling and their athletes.

The first topic that was commented on was the clothing that both the male and female performers wear. McMahon made the comparison what WWE superstars wear to the clothing of olympic athletes.

“People shouldn’t be worried,” McMahon told us during WWE’s recent tour of U.K. and Ireland. “Our athletes aren’t worried, especially when you look at Olympic level athletes having to wear certain types of clothing.

Our men and women have to wear spandex-type clothing because what they do in the ring is actually quite dangerous. If you had a lot of loose clothing then it could be a problem in the ring.”

It’s no secret that the “Divas Revolution” of 2015 has revolutionized the way that women are viewed in the eyes of wrestling fans around the world. McMahon gives all of the credit to the WWE Universe and their desire to see what these wonderful athletes can do.

“Most recently, what really turned the head of decision makers was when our fans started a hashtag called #GiveDivasAChance that trended worldwide for three days and was a reaction to us having a tag match that lasted all of thirty seconds.

“The voice was so loud from our fans and it said ‘we want more athletic matches, we went longer matches, we want better stories, we want stronger development’ and it was so loud that our chairman and CEO responded.”

NXT Divas emerge to challenge Team Bella: Raw, July 13, 2015

McMahon also says that the company is just getting started when it comes to the future of women’s wrestling.

“I’m incredibly proud of WWE. I’m not sure if we’re the standard bearer or not but I still think we’ve got a long way to go and I would hope every company becomes the standard bearer.”

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