Things got way out of hand at the Ripley Costanera Center Mall in Santiago, Chile yesterday, where Seth Rollins was doing an autograph signing.

According to a report from the BBCL, fans began to vandalize, steal and riot from the mall before the event occurred. You can see the video below, which shows the carnage:

The amount of participants in this behavior was too overwhelming for security to handle. As a result, the event with Rollins was cancelled.

Rollins, along with several members of the “Monday Night Raw” roster have been taking part in a tour of Chile over the last few days. They will be returning to American soil for next Monday’s show in Oakland, California.

Editor’s Note:

There is absolutely no place for this at any point and at any time. What did the fans hope to accomplish by becoming thieves and savages? Now, there could be more information that we do not know about, but I cannot think of any reason that would justify this type of behavior. It puts the superstars, security and spectators all in a great deal of danger.

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