In perhaps the biggest news of the week, it had been previously reported that AEW has signed a new television deal, and will broadcast a weekly wrestling program on TNT this coming fall.

Details are sketchy at this point, but the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter gave some insight as to what the show might look like.

It is known that the show will be two hours each week, but it is unknown what day the show will be on. Most likely, it will be on either Tuesday or Wednesday, since those will both be non-WWE days, once Smackdown Live moves to Fridays on FOX this fall.

WarnerMedia is going to make the decision based on market research to determine the value of going on Tuesday. The thought is that Tuesday night is a current wrestling night, and wrestling fans tend to be “creatures of habit”, so the transition for them would be easy.

The downside of that move is TNT has NBA commitments on Tuesday. If it does go on that day, it would likely mean, like was the case with wrestling in the WCW era, that during the NBA season the wrestling programming could get reduced. It would air, perhaps on one hour form some weeks, and probably just prior to the NBA game of the night.

On Wednesday, while it is not as much of a current destination of habit for two million wrestling fans, there would be fewer time slot changes and they would almost every week be able to run the full two hours.

Check out the build to their upcoming Double or Nothing pay-per-view:

No start date was announced, although the belief is that it will be at the start of the fall season in October. The last Tuesday Smackdown on USA will be on September 24, therefore October 1 would be the perfect start date if the show runs on Tuesdays. If it’s Wednesday, while October 2 wouldn’t be as necessary, the start date could still be in that range.

Editor’s Thoughts:

Honestly, with the way that people watch television these days, it really doesn’t matter which day you put the show on. Most people who will tune into AEW each week probably have DVR, and will just watch the show when it is convenient for them.

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