This is only a rumor, so take it for what it’s worth. It had been previously reported that Baron Corbin will be Kurt Angle’s opponent for the final match of his career at Wrestlemania 35.

However, according to a new report from WrestleVotes, that match may not end up being the case:

From a source: Angle vs Corbin is being “reconsidered”. WWE did not expect this type of negative reaction, and thus, they don’t want such a negative feel to Kurt’s final contest.

You can see the video of Angle’s announcement below:

Editor’s Opinion:

From a storyline standpoint, it make sense for Angle to challenge Corbin. The Lone Wolf has been a thorn in The Olympic Gold Medalist’s side since becoming the Constable of Raw, and they have been going at it for almost an entire year. Plus, if WWE is really trying to push Corbin to be a main event player going forward, having him participate in a match as big as this makes sense.

That being said, I completely understand WWE’s decision to potentially change this match, as it needs to be a big deal for Angle, and the fans need to be completely into it.

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