Time for the PipeBomb or #GTFH! The Director of Operations Derek Stoughton returns in a big way as we bring the honesty, laughs, singing and more! YOUR #3Count questions including Breezango, who’s the most underrated in WWE, ranting on negative independent wrestling fans and Kenny Omega, Jinder, and even a question about Moana! Follow the #PipeBomb twitter @ThePipeBombNAI, host @McCoolNAI, co-host @NotoriousJoshie, co-host/ producer @itsBRob, Director of Operations @Dericho06

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“The Pipebomb with McCool and Company” is on the NAI Network! Matt McCool from Wrestling Rumors hosts, and is joined by Josh Lopez of Wrestling Warm-up and Universal Chatter. The Pipebomb will feature many of the same rotating hosts, and is a similar, edgy, fun and intelligent show covering the world of wrestling each and every week, posted Fridays on the NAI Network. Follow “The Pipebomb” on Twitter!

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