Welcome back to the #PipeBomb, the show that’s been setting nimrods and marks straight, and this week is no different as we welcome back our Director of Operations Derek Stoughton. We start with our own #PipeBomb as Matt & Josh go off on fan reactions from Fastlane & Raw concerning Goldberg’s title win, Roman Reigns, Charlotte’s streak, and the CM Punk chants. Plus YOUR #3Count questions on a variety of topics and why Bayley isn’t connecting with the crowd as expected. Follow the brand new #PipeBomb twitter @ThePipeBombNAI, host @McCoolNAI, co-host @NotoriousJoshie, co-host/ producer @itsBRob & the Director of Operations @Dericho06

The Pipebomb w/ McCool & Co- Ep. 17: Clash of Champions

“The Pipebomb with McCool and Company” is on the NAI Network! Matt McCool from Wrestling Rumors hosts, and is joined by Wrestling Warm-Up’s Josh Lopez. The Pipebomb will feature many of the same rotating hosts, and is a similar, edgy, fun and intelligent show covering the world of wrestling each and every week, posted Fridays on the NAI Network. Follow “The Pipebomb” on Twitter!

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