Recently on “Smackdown Live,” WWE Champion Jinder Mahal challenged Universal Champion Brock Lesnar to a match of championship supremacy at “Survivor Series.” Last week on “Raw,” Paul Heyman accepted the match on behalf of his client.

“The Beast” is another name that can be added to the list of the top talent that the “Modern Day Maharaja” has had the opportunity to face since becoming the WWE Champion at “Backlash” in May of this year. Also on this list are John Cena, Randy Orton, Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles.

And guess what? After facing all of these legendary superstars, he is still the champion, and is still one of the faces of WWE. The incredible run that he has had as the top champion on “Smackdown Live” has led me to one simple conclusion:

In my opinion, Jinder Mahal has arrived, is here to stay, and deserves every single second that he gets under the spotlight.

He received a hero’s welcome after winning the title, which you can see below:

Witness Jinder Mahal's Punjabi Celebration: SmackDown LIVE, May 23, 2017

Now, I know what many of you are going to say, because you’ve all said it to me before, and I’ve been reading it non-stop for five months on social media:

  • “Jinder Mahal doesn’t deserve to be WWE Champion.”
  • “He can’t wrestle.”
  • “The only reason that he is the champion is because WWE wants to tap into the market in India.”
  • “His promos are terrible.”
  • “The only way he can win is because of the Singh Brothers.”

This is all hogwash. I will debate this next point with absolutely anybody: Jinder Mahal has been an excellent WWE Champion. I even wrote an opinion piece when it first happened, saying that he deserved a shot to be the man. And boy, has he delivered.

His promos are excellent and are very entertaining. He has a great look. His matches have been getting better and better each time that he competes in the ring.

And for anyone that complains that the Singh Brothers have to help him out in every single match, I have news for you. Jinder Mahal is a heel! He’s using heel tactics to help him retain the title! That’s what heels do!!

There will be many people that will be furious with me upon reading this article. These are the same people who are also furious with WWE for keeping the title on him for so long.

This logic gives the company all the more reason to keep the title on him. Why? Because of the Roman Reigns theory.

No superstar in WWE illicits a more intense and passionate response from the crowd than “The Big Dog.” “The Modern Day Maharaja” is the same way: people love to hate him and destroy him on social media. As long as you are getting a response, especially a passionate one, you will make WWE money. And therefore, you will have a prominent role in the company.

Now, do I think that Mahal is going to beat Lesnar? No way. Nor should he. However, the fact that he his getting this opportunity shows just how much faith WWE has in their Champion.

And all of his accolades are rightfully earned. He will be a fixture in WWE for a long time, and is definitely best for business.

What do you think of Jinder Mahal and his title reign? Leave us a comment below, or post a comment on our Facebook page!



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