It had been previously reported that NXT Women’s Champion Asuka recently passed Goldberg’s historic milestone of 173 victories without a loss, as she is still undefeated in singles’ competition.

However, her lengthy reign as champion continues to make her accolades grow.

As of today, June 15, 2017, Asuka has held the NXT Women’s Championship for 440 days.  This surpasses CM Punk’s historic reign of 434 days as WWE Champion.

If she continues on her current path, she will eventually pass the longest reign by a champion ever, which is currently held by the New Day. They held the WWE Tag Team Championships for 483 days.

Asuka was recently involved in a Triple Threat match for her championship on the latest episode of NXT. The match ended in a no contest, and the show went off the air with both herself and Nikki Cross having gone through a table.

Editor’s Note:

This statistic is awesome. As I’ve said before, I’ve been a big fan of Asuka for a long time, and she is incredibly deserving of this accolade. I hope that this run continues, and she is able to set many more milestones for years to come!

When do you think Asuka’s NXT Championship reign will end? Leave us a comment below, or post a comment on our Facebook page!



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