WWE superstar Kane recently sat down with Crave Online to promote the release of his new film “Countdown.” He discusses a number of topics, including his experiences on set, shooting footage at a live event, Daniel Bryan, and his future after retirement from WWE.

Below are some highlights from the interview:

A lot of the film takes place at a live WWE event. How did that work exactly?

I actually wasn’t there for that. I was only there for the first week of shooting. WWE films are kind of what they’re advertised. We shoot those movies in about 10 days not including a week of preparation. It’s pretty amazing. It takes a month for the overall project. But yeah, they had a live event in Vancouver and it was all shot during that event. It was very unique filmmaking because you have the film crew shooting live footage and putting it into a movie. So yeah, they shot that all in one night at a house show in Vancouver.

If you could work on a movie with another member of the WWE roster, who would it be?

I would want to do a comedy with Daniel Bryan. I think that would be killer.

Speaking of Daniel Bryan, what were your feeling during his retirement speech since you were very close to him?

It’s one of those things where on two different levels, as a fan of WWE it’s tragic because you’re not going to see a person perform anymore when they’re in the prime of their career. On a personal level, it’s bittersweet because again, Bryan Danielson [Daniel Bryan] is very passionate and that was his dream, to be in the big leagues and to be an international superstar. He achieved it but unfortunately it was cut short and he didn’t live it as much as he wanted to but on the other hand, you knew it was really best for him as a human being.

When he said that nice stuff about me in that promo, that was where I was like ‘I can’t watch this anymore’ because I don’t like having those sort of emotions [laughs]. It was mostly bittersweet.

Where do you see yourself in the near future?

In WWE we have a saying, ‘Never say never’ and ‘anything can happen.’ We will see me in WWE for the next several years and then it’s just what opportunities arise both in WWE and movies and entertainment. I’ve been very fortunate with my life because I’ve had the opportunity to do some really cool things and meet really great people and perform in front of WWE fans all over the world. For me, it’s just a matter of going forward and seeing where this adventure takes me.

You can read the entire interview at this link.



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