Jey Uso was recently interviewed by The Daily Mail, where he discussed several topics. Among them were his Wrestlemania 40 match with his brother Jimmy, his confidence as a solo performer, being involved with Roman vs. Cody, and more.

Below are some questions, along with Uso’s answers:

Alex McCarthy: Let’s talk WrestleMania, because we’re a couple weeks removed now. Last time we spoke, you were saying about the dreams you had for yourself and Jimmy… how does it sit with you for what you dreamed versus what played out?

Jey Uso: To be honest, it was still a dream match, just me and my brother. I kind of felt I kind of let the people down, though. It was all due to timing issues, so our match was fairly quick. Sometimes you’ve just got to roll with it. It is what it is.

I just try to look at the positive part. We checked that box off, me and Jimmy, for sure. Man, That’s the only thing, I wish, I wish we could have had a straight up wrestling banger. Sometimes matches run heavy, especially those big shows like that, you’ve just got to roll with the punches. There’s no heat, you can’t get hot at the other matches, everyone’s trying to go out there and do their thing, and it was all love at the end. I’m just glad we got that shot with with me and my brother in there, in a WrestleMania environment.

AM: Creatively and obviously doing that on your own as a solo guy within The Bloodline, from what we understand, you’ve got Heyman and Roman chucking in their their 10 cents, and Triple H. Working with Triple H as a solo capacity, has it been different?

JU: I’m actually more confident than ever right now. I took all the tools that they gave me. During the pandemic era, being with Hunter and Heyman in the room, just with The Bloodline, just us, going over and spitting ideas. I learned all that, and now I apply it on my own. And then working with Hunter right now as a single competitor, it’s cool. I feel like I finally, earned that respect now, and it’s all love.

AM: In the main event of night two, you’re involved in that, where you have your moment with your brother and trying to help out. That’s got to be a moment on the bucket list too. We’re talking Cena, Rock, Taker, Roman, Cody. Talk to me about being involved in that with those names.

JU: I didn’t even know what was going down. They told me, this is your part, his what you’re going to do. I’m like, ‘Alright, cool, I get to spear my brother off of stage, cool’. I’m so concentrated on my spot, then I don’t know what’s going down, then they tell me the rest of the what’s what’s happening. I made sure after I did what I did to hurry up and kind of get to the back so I could continue watching the match, because I automatically turned into a fan again. I think it was the best main event in WrestleMania ever. My favourite part might have been when Undertaker popped up.

AM: Some people, thought it was going to be Austin, just because of the rumours.

JU: I’m glad it was Undertaker, for sure.


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