Former WWE superstar Eva Marie was recently interviewed by WWDto promote her fashion company, NEM, and their first deal with Nordstrom. She discussed a number of topics, including

Below are some highlights from the interview:

On her plan for her fashion label:

“My whole thing is global domination for sure and just getting the brand everywhere,” she said. “[The wholesale deal with] Nordstrom is our first peg and then from there, hopefully, we just continue to grow.” 

On the rose gold aviator sunglasses:

“Anybody can wear them,” Natalie said of the sunglasses. “You don’t have to be a specific size. With an online boutique, you’re not able to try on the clothes. There’s so many competitors out there and there is with eyewear too, but you can’t have too many sunglasses.” 

“Right now, sunglasses are about 90 percent of our sales,” Jonathan said. “They’re more accessible. A lot of men are buying them as well. With clothing, it’s just a little bit different.”

Eva Marie has a wardrobe malfunction before her match vs. Becky Lynch: SmackDown Live, Aug. 9, 2016

On her time with WWE:

“I think always in the back of my head I just have a business mind,” Natalie said. “That’s what I went to school for, so even starting in WWE it was always ‘OK, how are we going to leverage this and get into a business,’ because being in WWE was amazing in the sense of building a fan base and being on ‘Total Divas.’ Without that, this wouldn’t exist. But from day one I’ve always had that business mind-set of wanting to grow an empire and that’s hopefully what we’re doing here.”

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